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a process of technical or experimental work.

Our specialization program is useful to anyone who is planning to connect their lives
with science or who is already working in scientific and/or science-related areas.

About This Specialization

Education Process

This Specialization is the perfect first step into the world of research
publications. It is designed to take your knowledge of academic writing
and turn it into an in-depth understanding of current trends in scientific
writing to help you get published in an international journal, win a
research project grant, or report research findings. Our general goal was
to make this Specialization as convenient as possible for you without
sacrificing any essential content.



Varvara Sosedova graduated from Moscow
Linguistic University in 2010 and earned a PhD in
Philology from Moscow City Pedagogy University
in 2015, where she did research into connection
between English language and culture. Varvara has
a number of publications on linguistics and cultural
science based on her PhD research.

Varvara Sosedova

Elena Bazanova, PhD in Education, works as Director of
the Language Training and Testing Center. Elena has a
wide range of publications to date reflecting her teaching
and research, including discipline-specific language
teaching for graduate students, advanced academic
literacy, and language for research publications. Elena is a
member of the International Writing Centers Association
(IWCA), the European Association for the Teaching
Academic Writing (EATAW). She is also an alumnus of the
International Visitor Leadership Program "Developing
Academic Writing Centers", USA.

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Elena Bazanova

Interesting facts

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5 courses

If something does not work,
you can always re-listen to a
lecture or ask for help from the
instructors and other students
in the forum.

Completion of the specialization
program can significantly increase
the rating of your work in the
scientific community

The specialization program consists of 5 courses, of which the
final course is dedicated the fulfillment of the thesis work.

Each course lasts four weeks and requires 2 to 4 hours to cover
the material and practical tasks.

For the final project, you will prepare a research poster, which will
be evaluated and graded by your fellow capstone participants.

- Students in science and technical fields
- Graduate students
- Post-graduate and PhD candidates in the sciences
- Doctors of Sciences
- Editors of scientific and popular publications
- Professionals involved in the advancement of technology, discoveries, and achievements
- Specialists collaborating in scientific research and business


Learn effective strategies for writing
research publications in English


You will learn to communicate
not only with the scientific
community, but also with the
business world.

Practical exercises performed
during the training promote the
quality learning of theoretical

3 121,00    per month

for whom


Week 1 / Introduction

Week 2 / Module I: the
reading-research-writing continuum

Week 3 / Module II : developing
academic vocabulary

Week 4 / Module III : fundamentals
of academic grammar

Introductory video Preview Test Peer-graded assignment

This is the first course of the English for Research Publication Purposes Specialization. The course is an introduction to what you need to know about academic discourse. You’ll gain important critical reading skills to help you develop as a self-critical scientific writer. You will learn practical tools and effective strategies for increasing your academic vocabulary and grammar so that you will write well-structured coherent academic texts.

This module will help you acquire critical reading skills so that you
will develop as a self-critical writer. The module covers issues related
to reading discipline-specific literature, which is indispensable from
developing professional expertise in writing academic texts. The
focus is on fundamental concepts of scientific writing, such as logical
organization and argumentation.


Week 1 / Science Writing

Week 2 / Challenge

Week 3 / The Manuscript

Week 4 / Scientific Communication

Introductory video Preview Test Peer-graded assignment

Scholarly Communication is a concise but comprehensive course on how to write research papers in English. The course will help the candidates gain a better understanding of the rhetorical conventions of English and the common challenges the candidates may face as an academic writer. The course provides instruction, exercises, structure, and deadlines needed to create a publishable paper. The aim of the course is to improve competence in scholarly communications by deepening knowledge of the core features of the scientific writing style.

Will help you develop an enhanced understanding of English written pattern, based on Anglo-American rhetorical conventions. The module covers issues relating to writing strategies, style, hedging, clear meaning, organization, and choice of first person pronouns. The focus is on improving your ability to write academic English appropriate to a research article.


Week 1 / MODULE I: Ready to start

Week 2 / MODULE II: Ready to count
and demonstrate

Week 3 / MODULE III:Ready to write

Week 4 / MODULE IV: Ready to submit
and implent

Introductory video Preview Test Peer-graded assignment

The course provides guidance on developing a strong application that will allow reviewers to better evaluate the science and merit of your proposal. You will learn how to put your ideas into proper words, arrange a clear and concise paper and search grant market for potential funder. You will also learn how to react to negative feedback from reviewers and resubmit your proposal. The course focuses on useful project management tools and possible budget pitfalls.

In this module you will discover how to formulate the rationale of you future research and create its model in a clear and concise way. You will also learn how to effectively search and select a funder. Besides, you will be able to estimate your and your organisation's strong and weak points to make the grant project and aspirations more realistic.


Start: January 2017

Week 1 / Info will be soon

Week 2 / Info will be soon

Week 3 / Info will be soon

Week 4 / Info will be soon

Introductory video Preview Test Peer-graded assignment

The course develops technical writing skills necessary to communicate information gained through a process of technical or experimental work. The course highlights the factors that determine the degree of technicality of the language and concepts involved. You will learn how to write different technical reports, e.g., laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility reports, progress reports, consulting reports, etc. The course also approaches several language, structure, style, and content issues that you can encounter while reporting the results of your research.



Start: February 2017

Week 1 / Info will be soon

Week 2 / Info will be soon

Week 3 / Info will be soon

Week 4 / Info will be soon

Introductory video Preview Test Peer-graded assignment

The English for Research Publication Purposes Capstone, the specialization’s culminating project, is an opportunity for those who have completed all four courses of the specialization to apply what they have learned to write an original research paper for publication. For the final project, you will prepare a research poster, which will be evaluated and graded by your fellow capstone participants.


for Research Publication

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